2018 Design Trends For The Bathroom

It wouldn’t be a new year without at least a few roundups of some of the trends that we are seeing pop up in the design world. And while yes, you shouldn’t follow the trends from year to year and adapt or change your style to what seems “in”. We do like pulling these trend roundups together and showcasing some of our favorites because we love introducing you to what is new and “fresh” in the world of design – after all there is A LOT of fun new stuff out there that you might not know about, and there are often a lot of trends that although they might be “new” on the market can feel timeless when done the right way in your own home. Today we are kicking it off with all things Bathroom.

Bathrooms typically aren’t a place to “take a risk” or do something “trendy” but we are very into all of these spaces so let’s get into it and talk Bathroom Trends we are seeing in 2018:

One-Material Rooms:

This one is made a big debut in the 80’s and is back and better than ever. When this “one material” trend it is done right, it can really turn the space into an impactful, uniform and special place. Do I think I could handle a bubblegum pink bathroom every single day, NO. But I could be very into this space if it was in all white or a more muted pastel tone. Basically rather than drywalling, taking the tile half way up the wall, or filling the space with a collection of materials you do the same material from floor to ceiling and wall to wall and embrace one material for the entire bathroom.

The same concept can be applied to a monochromatic bathroom like the one below if you aren’t into a bright pop of color.

It’s not just for tile either – you can use the same material like a plaster, limewash or concrete to cover the entire bathroom like they did above. And if you are feeling extra bold, then the bathroom below might be for you what with its graphic pattern and bold emerald green color.

Bathtub in the Bedroom:

This one definitely isn’t for everyone or every floor plan. BUT, if you are one that likes a romantic soak in the tub and also has enough room to house the sink, toilet and shower in a separate room then we have you covered with this one. This one can either go real cheesy real fast and make it end up like you are singing your way through a Taylor Swift music video (which does sound pretty amazing) but if it is done in a tasteful way and if it works with the architecture of your house then it can work.

Sally Breer really sold the idea in her loft where she had the bathtub in the bedroom area up on a pedestal and then the rest of the bathroom was in a separate room. If you need a bit more privacy during your tub time than this would give you, then scroll fast and skip to the next trend, but if you are into it then let’s look at a few more that have done it well. This room leans a bit shabby chic which may mean it isn’t for you, but for a rustic and antique style it works well in the space with that rusted clawfoot tub.

You can also bring in a modern style bathtub into an older space like they did above. It helps that there is a dramatic arched window framing it out, but man is this setup beautiful.

Floating Vanities:

2017 was the year of the “furniture vanity”. The vanity that looks like it was a custom piece of furniture that worked perfectly with your decor that had then been retrofit to house a sink and plumbing. So… is 2018 the year of the floating vanity? We aren’t quite sure yet, but keep reading to find out more.

By Floating Vanity we mean the type of vanity that has all of its parts and plumbing components tucked neatly under some sort of a skirt either made of stone, wood or another material so it visually simplifies the entire counter and vanity area. It has always had a place in modern design, but we are now seeing it used in other styles and we love the results.

I love that they eliminated the plumbing from under the sink on this one and then brought the lines down from the ceiling to provide water to the faucet. I am guessing the mirror is on another wall in the room and that this room is a powder room versus a full bathroom, but regardless I love this sweet little blue and white bathroom.

Here you see it in a bit more traditional style and not only does it free up floor space to really show off that plaid tile but it also visually makes the bathroom feel more open which is a good solution if your bathroom is laid out like this one where you open the door and walk into the side of the sink versus the front of the sink. See, trends are more than just visual eye candy, they solve problems too.

It can be done with a double vanity as well, and a towel bar in front like you see above. Or, a simple single vanity with an integrated towel bar like you see below.

I love this little room with that graphic tile and simple clean vanity area.

Freestanding Bathtub:

Next up, the freestanding bathtub. You may have noticed it in a lot of the other trend pictures already in this post, but we wanted to call it out directly as it is such a beautiful option. My best friend Corbett just did it in her Master Bathroom and MAN is it stunning. She has a full wall of tile behind it and we cannot wait to get in there and style it out and shoot it to show it to you.

Or if you have the space, you could bump out a wall in your existing bathroom and add a skylight and a beautiful freestanding tub like you see here and you have a pretty wonderful place to get ready in the morning. All this construction is obviously easier said than done and the plumbing and actual bathtub can be expensive but these bathrooms do sell the idea very well.

Steel frame shower doors, simple hardware, and a traditional freestanding tub. Yes, please.

Remember a few years ago when we stopped hanging things and started leaning things on ledges. Many a painting I have styled out leaning up on a ledge towards the wall vs. hanging on the wall, and the concept is seeping into the bathroom. This trend may only be fitting for the “lifestyle mafia” type person. But man do I want to decant all my soaps, toss out my generic toothbrushes, and lean a little piece of art on a lot of these ledges.

Something to keep in mind with these. If you have the need for a lot of storage then you should consider having some sort of medicine cabinet, vanity or storage solution as these ledges really should only be used for the prettier items in your life. IE your shaving cream, anti-itch cream, and floss should be kept elsewhere as this is the space for your prettier perfumes, soaps, and a bud vase or small piece of art.

You might be hating this trend at this point as it is purely aesthetic and not the most functional but we love the extra ledge it provides to add a little something special into your bathroom.

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