Holistic bathroom design by Duravit

In its 2019 news, Duravit shows how it has perfected the art of holistic bathroom design. Heightened emotions contrast with state-of-the-art technology, soft forms meet geometric contours. New trends in surfaces, colors, and materials round off the doctrine of holistic, individually designed bathrooms of a unique quality. Wherever state-of-the-art, comfort-enhancing technologies are used, they are always invisibly integrated into the new products, ensuring perfection in every respect. With two new bathroom series, an accessories series, three faucet series, the new SensoWash® Starck f generation, a new shower tray system, one bathroom furniture series in the entry-level price point and two in the top-end segment, numerous technological innovations, logical additions to the range, and new colors and surfaces, Duravit is defining the future of state-of-the-art designer bathrooms.

In the bathroom of the future

With the Viu ceramics range, the XViu furniture range, and the matching bathtubs, Duravit and sieger design present a complete bathroom range that exudes forward-looking design. The post-industrial elegance of the pieces emerges from the interaction of soft, organic forms with a precise geometry and details finished to a previously unattained level of perfection. Sharp contrasts arise from surfaces that combine the finest ceramics, glass and metal with matt lacquers or high-quality woods.

Happy D.2 Plus

Elegant, expressive bathroom interior with an added extra in terms of form and color

With Happy D.2 Plus, Duravit has teamed up with sieger design to realize current trends in colors, design, and finishes. The archetypical open oval of the Happy D. design classic also runs through the elements of this new, supplementary range. Above-counter wash bowls with precise lines, stand-alone consoles and matching semi-tall cabinets as well as circular mirrors combine to create perfectly harmonized washing areas. The new range enables elegant, expressive style collections to be individually designed with a darker or lighter basic mood.

SensoWash® Starck f
Iconic design – maximum comfort

Duravit and Philippe Starck present a new shower-toilet generation, with two versions available: SensoWash® Starck f Plus and SensoWash® Starck f Lite. Convenient to operate via a remote control, freely configurable via an app, they both include a minimalist design for maximum shower-toilet comfort. The technology within all components has undergone further development and has been reorganized to now house all technology within the ceramic body. The flat seat with a height of just 40 mm and the white cover located behind it form a flush-mounted unit: contemporary design and comfort-enhancing technology in perfect harmony.

New Duravit D.1 faucet range creates an emotional response with its iconic design and high-tech

The D.1 faucet range saw Duravit team up with Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez to create a new iconic design. With the D.1e electronic variant, extra state-of-the-art technology has been integrated into the accentuated design for even greater operating comfort. This exquisite design requires the highest possible precision in the production process. The unique, perfectly proportioned design is realized through the dynamic, fluid transition from basic cylindrical shape to a super-flat outlet. With clear contours and finely galvanized surfaces in Chrome or Black Matt, D.1 sets an unmistakably unique statement in the bathroom.

when a surface makes an impression

Duravit presents the new Tempano shower tray series – seamless, comfortable, and in a pared-down design, in perfect harmony with contemporary bathrooms.

The geometry of the shower tray follows a linear slope that ensures a high drainage rate, especially when using large shower heads or rain shower heads. The drain is concealed to the side under a matching cover and thus enables a comfortable shower experience.

Starck T
After over 25 years, Philippe Starck designs new accessories for Duravit

Duravit and Philippe Starck present the new accessory line “Starck T”, which combines functional rigor with organic forms. In 1994 Philippe Starck teamed up with Duravit to present Starck 1, a milestone in the history of the bathroom. There followed a series of complete bathroom ranges and now, for the first time in 25 years, a new line of accessories. The fluid transition from the round base to the geometric “T” shape is the defining design feature of the series and reminiscent of the branching shape of a tree. This design element can be found in every piece in the new range and as such forms a recurring, iconic signature.

Duravit presents B.3 faucet for the mid-price segment

Duravit expands its faucet range in the Profiline segment, B.1 and B.2, with the new B.3 series. Its striking handle with the perfectly positioned, circular recess in the polished chrome surface is pleasant to the touch. Alongside its ergonomic design, the proportions of the new faucet range are finely balanced. Thanks to this clear design language, B.3 is a good match for all contemporary designer bathroom series, at attractive price points.

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