It’s not as though Hansgrohe exists in stasis, hiding out in some North Pole-like workshop, tinkering with faucets, mixers, basins and showers in a darkened room, away from the world. No, Hansgrohe prides itself on being a sanitary fittings manufacturer, run by inspired people for people who desire inspiration.


“Modern kitchen? It’s absolutely gorgeous Sheryl!”

Going for the ‘Modern’ kitchen is always something of a misnomer. Modern in the year 2019 could be anything from strobe light chandeliers to a full portrait of Andy Warhol above the sink. However, a few themes generally stick beneath this moniker.

The Style: Open Plan

Ah, the modern classic. Keep the natural light, lose the walls and throw in an island for your MasterChef tendencies, and you’re all set. But how to wow with your choice in sink and mixer?

The Sink: The S51

It even sounds like a futuristic airplane or space shuttle! The S51 is Hansgrohe’s most elegant range of sinks, coming in three suave finishes: graphite black, stone grey and concrete grey. Nothing says ‘modern’ like a sink which looks chiselled from the very veins of the earth itself, polished to a gleaming lustre and standing proud for everyone to see in your open plan kitchen.

The Mixer: The Talis Select S

Another rocket ship, but this mixer actually looks the part. It’s elegant in the way of Marilyn Monroe, it’s smooth in the way of Miles Davis and looks like it was designed by Elon Musk himself. It’s the perfect partner to the S51 and will ensure that your kitchen stands head and shoulders above the rest when you serve your “Trio of Fruits” to your jealous friends.

The Style: Handleless, pure white, black walls

Although the thought of keeping a pure-white kitchen clean is enough to give even the most stalwart ‘Monica-from-Friends’ the willies, there are those amongst us who brave such a modern look. The handleless option simply adds to that sense of superiority. Paint the walls black, and you’ve juxtaposed your kitchen to a degree that would make Salvador Dali blush.

The Sink: The S71 Double

A double-sink is the right call here. Extra deep; with steel so polished you could pluck an eyebrow in the reflection. The S71 range is what you need. The colour alone will make for a perfect fulcrum between the dark walls and bright cupboards, tables and counters.

The Mixer: The Metris Select

A single lever mixer with a pull-out spout? Please and thank you. Not only is the Metris Select an exceptionally beautiful piece of art, the pull-out spout adds a practical element to a kitchen which requires constant love and affection.

“Modern bathroom? Ach, it’s stunning Sheryl!”

And so we move into the luscious landscape of the lavatory. Modern bathrooms are all the rage right now, with funky tile designs, arbitrary and abstract wall art, tubs of all shapes and sizes and wallpapers which make no sense to anyone born before 2001.

The Style: Wood-effect and bright white tiles

It’s a strange combination, but one which is currently soaring in the modern trends guide. The wooden floors or panels intertwine with the wooden counters, while the white walls play a nice tune on the eyelids as one soaks in hot bubbles. But how to make the most of it?

The Basin Mixer: The Talis S

This single lever mixer is all soft edges and cylinders – and comes across with the threat level of a miniature poodle. It’s the perfect counterpart to the white walls and wood-effect, reflecting both in muted tones and avoiding causing you distress of any level.

The Shower Mixer: The Raindance Select E

But really, the only way to really impress is with the proverbial King of the ‘shower jungle’. The Raindance Select E is an EcoSmart, 9 litres per minute, 2 jet showerpipe with a ShowerTablet Select 300 included.

Confused? Good. If it was simple, it wouldn’t be the King.

The Style: Monochrome with black hexagonal tiles

If you’re thinking bees, you’re thinking right. Now picture those hexagons in a sultry matte-black finish, covering the walls of bathroom, while simple white tiles make up the floor and ceiling. Add a dose of the porcelain tub and a dash of a gilt-edged mirror, and you’re almost winning. Almost.

The Basin Mixer: The Talis E

The Talis E is a no-nonsense, straight to the point kind of tap. It comes across with the blunt honesty of Henry Ford and the stylish grandeur of the Model T. It’s the perfect accessory to counter the white porcelain/black hexagon juxtaposition you’ve already invested in.

The Shower Mixer: The Raindance E

You can’t go full beehive without the Queen. And the Queen of the Raindance range is the E. A ceiling-connected square of immeasurable grace, the Raindance E is a one-jet wonder that is sure to complete your modern sensibilities.


At the end of the day…

A modern kitchen, a modern bathroom, a modern car or a modern home; it all comes down to your attitude.

Pick your perfect kitchen. Pick your perfect bathroom.

Pick Hansgrohe.

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