Monday, 11 March marks the annual celebration of plumbers around the world; a field that Hansgrohe closely monitors, supports and (let’s be honest) couldn’t live without. World Plumbing Day is an important international event which highlights the exceptionally important role that plumbers play in our society’s everyday hygiene and basic comfort.

For their continued sacrifice to the greater cause, Hansgrohe salutes plumbers everywhere!

Is that all?

Of course not. Hansgrohe is more than a leading sanitary fittings manufacturer exporting to over 140 countries after all. Just as we salute the curators of fine pipes, we celebrate the art of plumbing itself.

Our commitment to our clients

Hansgrohe offers a 15-year warranty on all products except sinks – which have a five-year warranty. If, at any stage, a customer has an issue with the product, they are encouraged to call the closest service department, who will send a technician out to find the solution as fast as possible.

Free of charge.

Our commitment to plumbers

But Hansgrohe’s biggest source of piping pride comes with our offer to all plumbers, architects, developers and anyone else who may need to handle or install Hansgrohe products: free onsite training. If anyone finds themselves in an unfamiliar situation, or requires help with their current job, they can call Hansgrohe for training on that specific scenario.

No matter who is in charge of the development, the plumbing or the logistics, Hansgrohe is more than happy to send technicians down to the site to assist in any way that they can. Provided the site is using Hansgrohe products of course! Our technicians are bathroom professionals who are experienced in application technology and are most familiar with our quality products.

This is partly to ensure that the products are installed properly, and to avoid later complications.

But mostly, this is because when Hans Grohe founded this company, he made a decision that we stick to 117 years later: to provide the world with the best sanitary fittings that we could make.

Here´s to honouring an industry made great by true plumbing artisans – and products.

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