Hansgrohe WINS! Manufacturer of the year for 2019

The Institute of Plumbing SA hosted the ‘Plumbing Industry Awards’ on April 11th this year, and Hansgrohe was awarded Manufacturer of the Year 2019 in an evening of celebration and sanitation. The 5th annual awards dinner took place at the Aha Gateway Hotel in Durban in a debonair black-tie event.

“It has been an immense honour to be recognised by IOPSA for this award. As a company and a brand, we strive for the highest levels of quality, while at the same time understanding that it is the people we serve who help us reach greater heights. We thank IOPSA and our industry fellows for this great commendation,” said Hansgrohe´s Managing Director, David Cooper.

The recognition Hansgrohe received at the awards was both humbling and inspirational. IOPSA explained the two-phase process which took place to decide on a winner. The first phase was an industry-wide vote from all plumbers as to who was the best manufacturer of the products that they used.

The results of this vote were cross-referenced with another vote; a committee vote. This committee was made up of IOPSA National members and had to follow very strict criteria in order to win. Much of the award was based on the manufacturer’s involvement and support for the wider plumbing community.

Hansgrohe’s support towards SA Watermark was one of the big influencers in the decision. SA Watermark is an initiative which is trying to register and log plumbing components in the country which meet the relevant national SANS standard for that product. This is to help plumbers and other workers in the industry identify quality products and avoid using illegal components. Hansgrohe scored big as the ‘leader of the pack’ in the drive towards a verified registry of sanitation fittings.

However, the major criteria for the award were three important ratings. Does this manufacturer support events? Do they have projects which are supported by the industry? How involved are they with IOPSA and the Plumbing Industry Registration Board?

Hansgrohe clearly made an impact in these three arenas, walking away with the trophy. This small recognition is much appreciated by the Hansgrohe team, and further highlights Hansgrohe’s commitment to a world where people receive the best in sanitation and lifestyle.

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