Drawing inspiration from the world around us is an ancient tradition, as evinced in the practices of a plethora of cultures throughout history. But the natural world has never been harnessed in quite the manner that bathroom specialist Hansgrohe has achieved with their brand-new range of PowderRain technology for their Raindance showers.

Micro-spray technology

As the name elicits, PowderRain technology mimics the micro-droplets of misty rain. Think of the warm spray sluicing off a sun-drenched river – so fine as to leave your skin moisturised without water-logging your hair.

Vice President of Product Management, Jan Heisterhagen, surmises the idea behind the new range succinctly when he says, “The effect of enveloping the body in a warm, protective cloak of water is achieved by PowderRain with dozens of small water droplets.”

How small are we talking?

The spray from PowderRain is much finer than conventional shower jets as the showerhead features six tiny openings which transform the spray into thousands of miniscule droplets. The drops are too light to bounce off of the skin resulting in a gentle, comforting shower which wastes far less water, reduces the splash and makes the bathroom-cleaning routine an absolute breeze. I mean, aren’t we a bit too evolved to still have flooded bathroom floors every morning?

So far, so good

You guessed it – there’s more. The sprays are arranged more densely, intensifying the moistening of the skin and the hansgrohe elves weren’t sloppy with acoustics either. They managed to reduce shower sounds in the PowderRain range by about 20 percent, making it one of the quietest bathing experiences you’re likely to have in your life. Gentle as a sea-breeze and whispering like the limbs of a willow – Hansgrohe sure know how to cover all bases.

It’s just a shower isn’t it?

That’s like saying an angel is just a fancy dragonfly, isn’t it? No. PowderRain is doubly effective through the simple physics of the natural world. Smaller and more condensed nozzles create a larger impact, with water covering more areas of the body, and increases its effectiveness in rinsing shampoos and conditioners. Furthermore, it lowers consumption by about 30 percent, to just 12 litres per minute. Less water means less energy, and in a country governed by the whims of Eskom, this is definitely a benchmark for the future.

The grass is certainly not greener

With decades of experience in the spout and spray business, Hansgrohe has perfected the delicate fine balance between functionality and beauty. Which is why their products are as eco-friendly and efficient as they are effortlessly chic and extraordinarily pleasurable.

Which means a PowderRain indulgence is the most guilt-free thing you can do this weekend. In fact, you almost owe it to your country.

Go on, go green with PowderRain. You know you want to.

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