If you’re in the market for a clever kitchen tap, featuring award-winning design and optimum practicality, then you’ve come to the right place. Hansgrohe’s large selection of competent kitchen assistants are more than just taps. They’re lifestyle supporters.

Pick your style

There are a number of notable features which come with Hansgrohe’s kitchen tap range, including the Select button, an easy-to-use button which increases efficiency and reduces water waste. The 360-degree swivel option also contributes to simplicity at the sink. The variety of styles, from modern minimalist to classically curved, ensures that your kitchen will reflect your personal style.

Don’t spout

But the real treat comes with the pull-out spout feature; a lightweight and convenient option brimming with elegance. It allows you to use water with perfect aim, as well as expanding your operating radius prodigiously. With the Select button, you can enjoy a variety of different jet types too.

The upside

The extraction hose, coupled with the spout, allow for a much more efficient use at a twin-basin sink. Then the MagFit magnetic bracket enables the hose to slide straight back into the tube noiselessly and without a fuss. When you take the pull-out spout, you double your options at the sink.


This gives you the option to easily switch between jet types, depending on your current needs at the sink. The normal spray can fill up large containers and pots very quickly and with minimal water waste. The additional shower spray is perfect for cleaning and rinsing vegetables, fruit or fish. It is also ergonomically optimised so that you can easily change jet types with one hand, while the water is turned on.

The pull-out spout

The spout offers intuitive water control with the Select function. You can change the jet type or switch the water on and off easily with one hand or an elbow, ensuring that you maximise the effectiveness of your spout. The tap handle remains open and keeps water temperature and volume constant.

Now that’s efficient multi-tasking at the sink.

hansgrohe. Meet the beauty of water!

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