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WaterWays takes pride in supplying high-quality, value-for-money local and international products, backed by SABS standards or Sans approval. The company is owner-managed, which helps it
maintain the highest level of service possible.Then meeting with new clients, we like to find out what the clients’ ideas are around their project – the image they have of their completed bathroom.

We then guide them to get the best value for money, keeping in mind the practicality of the design. Don’t make the mistake of wanting a water-wise bathroom without making sure you have the correct water pressure to accommodate water-wise products. This is most true in the shower. Changing your taps’ aerators is a very cost-effective way of going water-wise immediately and many bathroom products available today are water-wise with low flow rate designs.

We feel every bathroom should have a well-designed shower head. There is nothing that beats that feeling of water drops on your skin, whether you have just woken up from a good night’s rest or just returned from a tiring day’s work. We have world-renowned companies that work daily on increasing your shower experience. The latest shower design trends have Vertical LED TV screens, sensual aroma shower tablets and different shower sprays to awaken or relax your body.

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