Geberit WC flush control with electronic flush actuation, battery operation, dual flush, for RF-controlled button


Application purposes

For manual remote flush actuation of Geberit Sigma concealed cisterns 12 cm using Geberit RFcontrolled button
For releasing a dual flush
For solid and drywall construction
Suitable for barrier-free construction
For Geberit Sigma concealed cisterns 12 cm
Not suitable for use with Geberit inserts for incistern block



Flush actuation via Geberit RF-controlled button, wireless
Dual flush can be triggered via RF-controlled button
Single flush can be triggered via actuator plate
Cover plates and stop-and-go flush actuators can be mounted
Can be combined with Geberit actuator plates for single flush and stop-and-go flush or Geberit cover plate
Batteries in closed battery compartment in the flushing cistern
Interval flush preset


Download product data sheet (PDF)